The WSAA National Product Appraisals program is a voluntary scheme introduced by the Water Services Association of Australia to provide a single coordinated appraisal of a product's conformity to the needs of the urban water businesses. It was developed with industry assistance, and draws on the collective knowledge and experience of the urban water businesses and industry specialists.

Appraisal PA Number Product category Publication date Expiry date
Vinidex Pty Ltd - PE100 Polyethylene Pipe PA 2205 PE Pipe
Plasson Australia Pty Ltd – Plassaddle Plastic Tapping Bands for S2 PVC Pipes PA 2213 Tapping Bands
Iplex Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd - SewerMAX and SewerMAX+ Polypropylene Structured Wall Pipes for Non-Pressure Gravity Sewer Applications PA 2119 PP Pipes for Sewer
Enviro Pipes Pty Ltd - EnviroSewer Polyethylene (PE) Structured Wall Pipes for Non-Pressure Sewerage Applications PA 1308 Issue 2 Structured Wall Sewer Pipes
Bermad Water Technologies – Bermad C50/C80 Combination Air Valves for Sewer PA 2203 Air Valves
AVK Australia Holding Pty Ltd - AVK Ductile Iron Fittings PA 2204 DI Fittings
Fernco Australia Pty Ltd - PA Saddles for Non-Pressure Plastics Sewerage Pipes PA 2040 Saddles
Xylem Water Solutions Australia Ltd – Flygt FRP Sewerage Pump Stations and Emergency Storage Tanks PA 2108 Pump Stations and Emergency Storage Tanks
Bermad Water Technologies - Sigma Series 700 Automatic Hydraulic Control Valves PA 2201 Control Valves
AVK Australia Holding Pty Ltd - SUREFLOW® Ductile Iron Fittings PA 1016 Issue 7 DI Fittings
Future Pipe Industries LLC - Fiberstrong FW GRP Jacking Pipes for Sewer Applications PA 2202 GRP Jacking Pipes
CMW-BVA Valves Pty Ltd - Resilient Seated Swing Check Valves PA 1513 Non-Return Valves
Reliance Worldwide Corporation (Aust) Pty Ltd - PE Pressure Pipe PA 2116 PE Pipe
Reece Australia Pty Ltd – DIMAX Ductile Iron Fittings PA 1924 Issue 2 DI Fittings
NTG Plastik - NTG PE100 Electrofusion and Spigotted Fittings for Pressure Applications PA 2124 PE Fittings
Austworld Commodities Pty Ltd - LOGI Copper Alloy Tapping Bands PA 2113 Issue 2 Tapping Bands
vonRoll hydro (Suisse) ag - ECOPUR and DUCPUR ISO Sized DI Pipe PA 1430 Issue 3 Ductile Iron Pipes
AVK Australia Holding Pty Ltd - SUPA MAXI Couplings, End Caps and Flange Adaptors PA 2103 Couplings
Pipemakers Australia Pty Ltd – PVC-O Series 2 Pressure Pipe PA 2120 Issue 3 PVC-O Pipe
Aztec Australasia Pty Ltd - Aztec Metal Banded Flexible Couplings PA 2117 Metal Banded Couplings
Advanced Piping Systems Pty Ltd – Fox PE100 EF and Spigot Fittings for PE Pipes PA 2115 Fittings for PE Pipe
Global Pipe Australia Pty Ltd - Arpol Stainless Steel Flexible Unrestrained Couplings PA 2107 Couplings
Civilpipes Pty Ltd - Uni-Gib Unrestrained Mechanical Couplings PA 2112 Issue 2 Couplings
Derwent Industries Pty Ltd - Derwent Hydrant and Air Valve Isolators and NZ Fire Hydrants PA 2060 Issue 2 Hydrant Isolators
Deks Industries Pty Ltd - Polymeric Valve and Hydrant Marker Posts PA 1914 Marker Posts