The WSAA National Product Appraisals program is a voluntary scheme introduced by the Water Services Association of Australia to provide a single coordinated appraisal of a product's conformity to the needs of the urban water businesses. It was developed with industry assistance, and draws on the collective knowledge and experience of the urban water businesses and industry specialists.

Appraisal PA Number Product category Publication date Expiry date
Reece Australia Pty Ltd - Dimax Dismantling Joints PA 2403 Dismantling Joints
Vinidex Pty Ltd - PVC-O Series 2 Pressure Pipe PA 0407 Issue 2 PVC-O Pipe
AVK Australia Holding Pty Ltd – Wafer and Lugged Butterfly Valves PA 2402 Butterfly Valves
Saint-Gobain PAM - Ductile Iron Pipeline Fittings PA 2313 DI Fittings
Riteline Pty Ltd – Casing Spacers PA 2314 Casing Spacers
Clover Pipelines Pty Ltd - Superlit GRP Pipes and Fittings for Water and Sewerage Applications PA 2309 GRP Pipes
Everhard Industries Pty Ltd – Ductile Iron Access Covers PA 2306 Access Covers
Odour Technologies Pty Ltd – VS-4 Smartvalve Air Valves for Sewerage PA 2038 Air Valves
Wenac Australia Pty Ltd – DI Backing Rings for PE Stub Flanges PA 2312 Backing Rings
Q-Max Pumping Systems Pty Ltd – Pre-Cast Concrete Sewerage Pump Stations PA 2310 Sewerage Pump Stations
AVFI Pty Ltd – Dismantling Joints PA 2311 Dismantling Joints
Pipemakers Australia Pty Ltd – PVC-U Series 1 Pressure Pipe PA 2308 PVC Pipe
AVFI Pty Ltd – Resilient Seated Gate Valves PA 1509 Issue 2 Resilient Seated gate Valves
Iplex Pipelines Australia Pty Limited – Milnes Copper Alloy Mechanical Tapping Bands PA 2121 Mechanical Tapping Bands
Holman Industries - Elysee PP Compression Fittings for PE Pipe PA 2307 Fittings for PE Pipe
Iplex Pipelines Pty Limited - Polyplex PE112 Polyethylene (PE) Pipe PA 2125 PE Pipe
Process Systems Pty Ltd – Butterfly Valves – Wafer, Lugged and Flanged PA 1930 Butterfly Valves
CMW BVA Valves Pty Ltd – Karon Resilient Seated Swing Check Valves PA 1513 Issue 2 Check Valves
Pipe Core Pty Ltd - SAERTEX multiCom CIPP for Renovation of Drinking Water Pipes PA 2211 CIPP Liners for Drinking Water Pipes
RTI Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd – NordiTube Cured-In-Place Pipes (CIPP) For Renovation of Drinking Water Pipes PA 2303 CIPP Liners for Drinking Water Pipes
Pipe Couplings Australasia Pty Ltd - PE Pressure Pipe PA 2305 PE Pipe
E. Hawle Armaturenwerke GmbH - System 2000 Restrained Joint Fittings for PE Pipe PA 2304 DI Fittings
Fusion Group Limited - Electrofusion Fittings for Pressure Applications PA 1127 Part 1 Issue 4 PE Fittings
Vinidex Pty Ltd - PE100 Polyethylene Pipe PA 2205 PE Pipe
Plasson Australia Pty Ltd – Plassaddle Plastic Tapping Bands for S2 PVC Pipes PA 2213 Tapping Bands