This appraisal is for a range of Riteline Rigid Series and Flex Series casing spacers that are used to support the position of a carrier pipe (watermain or sewer) within an encasing pipe or stable ground bored hole in trenchless installations.

The Rigid Series and Flex Series spacers are each available in small medium and large sizes to accommodate a range of heights from 30mm to 125mm. The spacers are attached to the circumference of the carrier pipe in sets that are equally spaced radially. The recommended linear spacing between each set of spacers is 1 metre.

The Rigid Series incorporates supports that provide a high load bearing capacity and is recommended for most installations.

The Flex Series is designed to deform around obstacles during installation making it preferable for casing bores with rough surfaces or slight misalignments. However, they cannot support as much load as the Rigid Series and therefore may require shorter spacing.

The system can be used for all pipe materials including steel, ductile iron, GRP, FRP, concrete, PVC and PE for pressure and non-pressure pipelines. The Flex Series can only be installed in grouted applications whereas the Rigid Series is suitable for both grouted and un-grouted installations.

The casing spacers utilise a ratchet design with high bond adhesive strips and can be used on a range of carrier pipes in sizes from DN 100 with no upper limit. The components of the spacer are manufactured from injection moulded inert engineering thermoplastics with a low co-efficient of friction to facilitate the slip lining process. Each spacer is assembled using a ratcheting jig supplied by Riteline.

The number of spacers required is solely based on load capacity. The diameter of the pipe is not directly related to the required number of spacers as each one is attached individually to the host pipe.


Product categoryCasing Spacers
PA NumberPA 2314
Report holderRiteline Pty Ltd
StandardWSA PS 324 Casing Spacers
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