WSAA's activities focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing through a structure of Committees and Networks. WSAA membership is available to public or private utilities, organisations or businesses providing water and/or sewerage services or organisations that have an interest allied to the urban water industry.

Our Board Committees and Networks have been established to direct the strategic priorities of the Association in pre-defined areas.  Each Committee is led by a Board member or senior executive from one of our member utilities. Reporting to the Committee's are the Networks, the engine room of collaborative projects. WSAA is involved in a whole range of projects ranging from unfunded voluntary projects, undertaken by a small group of interested members, to large international projects that include members and non-members in some cases.

In addition, WSAA continues to provide members and the urban water industry with best practice national codes and standards. These are widely adopted by our members and have assisted in moving Australia's water industry towards best practice in the creation of water and sewerage network infrastructure. We also operate a National Product Appraisal Scheme which provides a single coordinated appraisal of a product's conformity to meet the needs of urban water utilities.

In research, through the Research Strategy, and an extensive program of consultation with members and stakeholders, we are looking to shape the national urban water research agenda. Internationally, we work with research organisations, researchers and utilities around the world to ensure we access the most research and form partnerships with leading organisations and leverage funds for Australian projects.