WSAA is sharing First Nations knowledge and stories in relation to water, along with thoughts and information from First Nations people on The Voice to Parliament. We are in the early stages of compiling this information and plan for it to be a growing library of resources.

Please contact Sandi Kolbe, Communications Manager, if you have any content you would like to share.

Podcasts, videos and other links

Indigenous Voice  to Parliament - everything you need to know

For many Australians, the idea, purpose and details of the Voice are not yet clear. Political reporter Dana Morse explains what we know about the proposal so far. WATCH

Rueben Berg on The Voice

Rueben Berg (previous Westernport Water Chair, first Indigenous person to Chair a water corporation in Victoria, involved in Treaty in Victoria, and a Member of the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria) share’s his view on The Voice, Treaty, and Truth. WATCH

Kwatja Ngkama: Talking Water                               

Talking Water captures the stories of Aboriginal elders and custodians from the Western Arrernte people, Central Arrernte people and Warlpiri people in Central Australia.  The video includes Indigenous water knowledge, stories and thoughts from the past and present, along with a vision for the future.  Talking Water was selected as part of the NT Travelling Film Festival which showcases the breadth of NT filmmaking talent, highlighting Indigenous films and their makers and ran from March to August 2021 in over 30 locations.  WATCH 

Making Waves

Making Waves is an independent podcast series seeking to amplify lesser heard perspectives on water. The five episodes highlight the importance of water for First Nations people, identify some valuable resources available that are helping to change the way water is managed in Australia, and give an insight into the incredibly rich history and water knowledge that First Nations people have developed over thousands of years.  LISTEN 

Water in Aboriginal culture: Waugal 360 website

Water Corporation in Western Australia takes students through an immersive experience designed to to broaden their understanding and respect for Aboriginal culture through Aboriginal peoples' connection to land, water, languages and spirituality.  VISIT