Adam Lovell, Executive Director
Adam is the Executive Director of WSAA, a position he commenced in 2011. Adam provides national leadership in policy positions for the Australian urban water sector on issues including industry reform, liveable cities, water quality, climate change, customer engagement and asset management. Adam also holds non-executive Board roles including the Global Water Research Coalition and the Water Environment and Research Foundation (USA). 
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Stuart Wilson, Deputy Executive Director
The Deputy Executive Director supports the Executive Director in the development and implementation of the WSAA's strategic plans and policies, and provides leadership and direction to the WSAA team. Stuart leads WSAA’s involvement in customer, regulation, competition, and structural change issues. Stuart is also WSAA's Company Secretary.
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Greg Ryan, Director Business Excellence
The Director Business Excellence supports the development of industry wide programs in the area of research, development and innovation, asset management, digital utilities, and people, culture and health and safety, to increase utility knowledge, address critical knowledge gaps and develop options to address emerging issues in a way that minimises risk, enhances efficiency and optimises value to customers. A key objective is to position the industry for current and future challenges through the Utility Excellence Committee and associated networks, including overseeing the development of industry benchmarking, codes, relevant Australian Standards, and the WSAA product appraisals program.
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Carl Radford, Program Manager, Asset Creation
The Program Manager, Asset Creation works in the Utility Excellence priority program, principally on the National Codes Program and National Product Appraisal program. Carl is also responsible for strategic standardisation with particular emphasis on infrastructure network products and design and construction codes for network infrastructure. 
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Kristy Drzewucki, Asset Program Advisor 
The Asset Program Advisor’s focus in on specialist groups, projects and activities under the Utility Excellence Committee and the Asset Management Network. Kristy coordinates and facilities the Digital Assets Taskforce, SCADA and Automation Community, Metering Community, Backflow Prevention Group and Leakage Management Group and projects arising from them.
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James Goode, Asset Management Program Coordinator
The Asset Management Program Coordinator is responsible for managing asset management networks and projects. A current project example is the sewer management and design guidelines. James is the project director for the CRC-P Smart lining project as well as working on a number of national issues on behalf of the water industry.
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James Gardner, CRC-P Program Manager
The CRC-P Program Manager is responsible for the management of a $24 mill CRC-P project to enhance our understanding of structural pipe lining materials for the Australian market.  They're also responsible for providing support and working with relevant stakeholders and representatives from across the Australian water sector.
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Evelyn Rodrigues, Manager, Customer and Community
The Manager, Customer and Community manages an industry-wide program focused on understanding and improving customer value and utility customer performance.  Evelyn also manages the Customer and Community network. 
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Danielle Francis, Liveable Communities Manager
The Liveable Communities Manager leads WSAA's program on water's role in next generation cities, working with senior representatives from across the water sector to shape and influence national policies and strategies for the industry. Their focus is on the areas of water for health, water for placemaking, and water for growth. This role includes the 'all options on the table' portfolio, enhancing awareness of Indigenous values for water, and leadership of climate change adaptation and mitigation including support for renewable energy and the emerging circular economy.
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Elliot Stuart, Liveable Communities Advisor
The Liveable Communities Advisor’s focus is on networks, projects and activities under the Liveable Communities Committee. Elliot coordinates and facilitates the Adaptive Planning and Integrated Water Management Network, as well as the Climate Change, Energy and Environment Network, and is responsible for coordinating projects that arise from within those areas.  
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Jason Mingo, Manager Environment and Technology Research
The Manager Environment and Technology Research facilitates collaboration opportunities between WSAA members and research partners and is responsible for maximising the value from WSAA’s investment in Australian and international research. They also develop the Industry Research Priorities and coordinates a number of programs and projects across the water innovation value chain developed through the WSAA Committees.
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Dale Watson, Research and Innovation Coordinator
The Research and Innovation Coordinator is a key liaison between WSAA, our members and research partners and provides support for networks, projects and activities engaged with research, development and innovation. Dale coordinates and facilitates the Research Managers Network and publishes a monthly R&D newsletter. 
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Sandi Kolbe, Communications Manager
The Communications Manager is responsible for providing communications counsel and developing and implementing stakeholder and communications plans to support WSAA’s strategic direction.  Sandi ensures all communications with staff, members, media and key stakeholders are in line with WSAA’s strategic direction. Sandi project manages the content and production of publications, newsletters, Annual Report, and website. 
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Peter Gee, Manager, Productivity & Performance Improvement
The Manager Productivity and Performance Improvement manages a diverse portfolio of performance improvement projects including international process benchmarking of customer services, asset management and maintenance and various projects such as capital prioritisation. Peter also has the responsibility for coordinating WSAA’s Health and Safety Priority Program and coordinates the WSAA Utility Excellence Committee. 
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Amy Osmond, Business Manager
The Business Manager oversees the day-to-day operation of WSAA, manages the financial administration function of accounts payable, receivable and payroll. Amy works with the WSAA team to develop and implement budgets, prepare reports for senior management and ensure WSAA complies with company policies. 
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