This Appraisal is for a range of PN16 VS-4 Smartvalve twin chamber combination (double orifice) air valves in sizes DN 50 to DN 150.

The VS-4 Smartvalve air valves are suitable for sewage and wastewater applications in pump stations, pipelines and treatment plants and may be utilised on pipelines up to DN 900.

The air valves are fully constructed from Grade 316 stainless steel with Nitrile seals and a polycarbonate obturator.

The primary chamber of the VS-4 is fitted with a tubular removable vertical screen to prevent solids larger than 2mm from entering the secondary chamber that contains the float and seal mechanisms. The innovative twin chamber design with a tubular filter overcomes problems of blockage and leakage commonly encountered in many single chamber air valves. Odour Technologies claims 99%+ reliability.

The range of VS-4 air valves includes a standard version and a high flow version. The standard air valve is also available with low-profile and extra low-profile dimensions.

The PN16 valves are flanged to AS/NZS 4087 Figure B7 (PN16) or with a BSP threaded connection. Other flange specifications may be supplied to customer requirements.


Product categoryAir Valves
PA NumberPA 2038
Report holderOdour Technologies Pty Ltd
BrandVS-4 Smartvalve
StandardAS 4883:2017 Air valves for sewerage.
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