The WSAA National Product Appraisals program is a voluntary scheme introduced by the Water Services Association of Australia to provide a single coordinated appraisal of a product's conformity to the needs of the urban water businesses. It was developed with industry assistance, and draws on the collective knowledge and experience of the urban water businesses and industry specialists.

Appraisal PA Number Product category Publication date Expiry date
Pipemakers Australia Pty Ltd - Pipemakers Series 1 PE100 polyethylene Pipe PA 1521 Polyethylene Pipe
Derwent Industries Pty Ltd - Derwent Stainless Steel Repair Clamps PA 1833 Issue 5 Stainless Steel Repair Clamps
Smart Lock Pty Ltd - Smart Lock Renovation System for Gravity Drains and Sewers PA 1901 other
Access Covers Australia Pty Ltd - DN 375 Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) sewer maintenance shaft (MS) assembly PA 1709 Issue 3 Sewer Maintenance Shaft
Derwent Industries Pty Ltd - Uniclamp DI Flanged Offtake Clamps for PE Pipe PA 1828 Flanged off-take clamps
Steel Mains Pty Ltd - SINTAKOTE® Steel Pressure Pipe & Fittings PA 1818 Steel Pipe and fittings
Crane Building Services and Utilities - Viking Johnson UltraGrip Restrained Joint Couplings DN 40 – DN 600 PA 1827 Restrained flexible joint couplings
Bilcon Industries Pte Ltd - Reinforced pre-cast concrete unlined elastomeric seal jointed pipes for non-pressure drainage applications in open trench buried installations. PA 1804 Circular precast elastomeric seal jointed concrete pipes with circumferential steel reinforcement
Pipestar Australia Pty Ltd - Polyethylene Sweep Bends PA 1825 Polyethylene Sweep Bends
Empire Infrastructure Pty Ltd - BOSSPIPE Centrifugally Cast Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipes for Non-Pressure Sewerage Applications DN 300 – DN 2000 PA 1725 Centrifugally Cast Glass Reinforced Thermoplastics Pipe
Clover Pipelines Pty Ltd - SUPERLIT® Filament Wound GRP Jacking Pipes for Non-Pressure Applications DN 300 – DN 3000 PA 1816 Issue 2 FW GRP Jacking Pipe
Victaulic Company Restrained Couplings for PE Pipe PA 1706 Issue 2 Restrained Couplings for PE Pipe
GALVIN ENGINEERING PTY LTD -DN 20 Metal Bodied Termination Ball Valves for Property Service Applications PA 1819 Issue 2 Ball Valves
Elson Australasia Pty Ltd - Elson DN 20 service connection ball valves, termination ball valves and right-angle meter assembly ball valves for property service connection PA 1821 Issue 3 BALL VALVES
Daemco Australia Pty Ltd - Ductile Iron Pipeline Fittings PA 1805 Issue 2 Ductile Iron fittings
VIP Polymers Ltd - VIPSeal Shear Banded Flexible Couplings, DN 100 – DN 600 PA 1734 Shear banded flexible couplings
Betta Fluid Control Co. Ltd - BETTA HYDRANT AND AIR VALVE ISOLATOR VALVES PA 1817 Issue 2 Spring hydrant valve, air valve or screwed outlet
Beaver Group of Companies Pty Ltd - Jindal SAW Australia/NZ Ductile Iron Pipes PA 1802 Issue 3 Ductile Iron Pipes
REHAU Pty Ltd - REHAU AWASHAFT Terminal Maintenance Shafts, including DWV PVC-U pipes, fittings and accessories PA 1505 Part 2 Maintenance Shafts
Daemco Australia Pty Ltd - Valve Spindle Extensions PA 1806 Valve spindle extensions
Clover Pipelines Pty Ltd Clover/Xinxing - Ductile Iron Cement Mortar Lined (DICL) Pipes PA 1719 Issue 3 Ductile iron pipe
Hydrant Protection Pty Ltd - Hydraguard and Retroguard Ant Barrier Devices for Hydrants PA 1730 Issue 2 Elastomeric seal and sleeve
AVK Wang Pty Ltd - WANG Vari-Gib Couplings PA 1723 Couplings
AVK Wang Pty Ltd - Wang Stainless steel clamps, repair, tapped and flanged PA 1713 Stainless steel repair, tapped and flanged off-take clamps