The WSAA National Product Appraisals program is a voluntary scheme introduced by the Water Services Association of Australia to provide a single coordinated appraisal of a product's conformity to the needs of the urban water businesses. It was developed with industry assistance, and draws on the collective knowledge and experience of the urban water businesses and industry specialists.

Appraisal PA Number Product category Publication date Expiry date
Daemco Australia Pty Ltd - Flange Gaskets EPDM PN16 PA 2026 Flange gaskets
Nupi Industrie Italiane SpA - EloFIT PE100 Fittings for PE Pipe PA 1413 Issue 2 Injection moulded electrofusion socketed fittings, short and long spigotted fittings for electrofusion and butt-weld jointing and electrofusion saddles
Strongcast Pty Ltd - Metal Bodied Ball Valves for Property Service Applications PA 2024 Issue 4 Ball Valves
Strongcast Pty Ltd - Brass Water Meter Fittings for Property Service Applications PA 2023 Issue 2 Brass compression fiittings for PE Pipe
David Moss Group Pty Ltd - Damos PVC-M Pressure Pipes PA 2027 Modified PVC (PVC-M) pipes for pressure applications.
Wenac Australia Pty Ltd - Flange Gaskets PN16 EPDM PA 1919 Issue 3 Flange Gaskets
Clover Pipelines Pty Ltd - Clover/Rohr Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Pipe PA 2033 Issue 3 Polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressure applications
Derwent Industries Pty Ltd - Uniclamp DI Flanged Offtake Clamps for DIOD Pipes PA 2025 Issue 2 Offtake clamps
Reece Australia Pty Ltd - DIMAX Ductile Iron Pipes PA 1920 Issue 2 Ductile Iron Pipes
George Fischer Pty Ltd - iJOINT Polypropylene Compression Fittings for PE Pipe PA 118 Issue 3 Polypropylene (PP) compression fittings
Pipemakers Australia Pty Ltd - PVC-M Pressure Pipes PA 2020 Issue 2 PVC-M pipes
Wenac Australia Pty Ltd – Non-detectable and Detectable Underground Marking Tape PA 1902 Issue 4 Marking Tapes
All Valve Industries Pty Ltd - DN 20 Metal Bodied Water Meter Assembly Ball Valves for Property Service Applications PA 1927 Issue 2 Ball Valves
Sewer Equipment Company Australia - Trelleborg epros® DrainPacker System for Rehabilitation of Sewer Pipes PA 1918 Cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner - Sectional or point repair
Ducast Australia - Ductile Iron Access Covers PA 1923 Ductile Iron Access Covers
Cromford Pipe Holdings Pty Ltd - PE100 Polyethylene (PE) Pipe PA 1429 Issue 3a Polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressure applications
Clover Pipelines Pty Ltd - Clover/Samsun Ductile Iron Cement Mortar Lined (DICL) Pipes PA 1928 DICL pipes
Reece Australia Pty Ltd - DIMAX Resilient Seated Gate Valves PA 1925 Issue 5 Gate Valves
Krausz Industries Ltd - HYMAX® Unrestrained Mechanical Couplings and Flanged Adapters PA 1701 Issue 2 Unrestrained mechanical couplings
David Moss Group Pty Ltd - PE100 Spigot Fittings PA 1922 Issue 3 PE spigot fittings
Derwent Industries Pty Ltd - DN150 Derwent Sewer OB Junction Clamp PA 1917 Stainless steel sewer OB junction clamp
Krausz Industries Ltd - HYMAX GRIP® Restrained Wide Tolerance Mechanical Couplings, Flanged Adapters and End Caps PA 1702 Issue 2 Mechanical Couplings - Restrained
Independent Sewer Consulting Services Pty Ltd - Cretex Pro-RingTM Polymeric Make-up Rings for Sewerage Access Chambers PA 1832 Maintenance Hole Make-up rings
Guangdong Liansu Technology Industrial Co Ltd - Lesso PE100 Spigot Fittings PA 1831 PE injection moulded spigot fittings
Georg Fischer Pty Ltd - GF ELGEF PLUS and Chinaust PE100 Electrofusion and Spigot Fittings for Pressure Applications PA 1906 Issue 2 PE Fittings