This Appraisal is for a range of compact dismantling joints in sizes from DN 100 to DN 1200 with either PN16 or PN35 pressure classifications.

The dismantling joints are manufactured from minimum Class 250 mild carbon steel and coated with a polymeric FBE coating. Other components are Grade 316 stainless steel fasteners and an EPDM seal. The dismantling joints are compatible with both steel and ductile iron AS/NZ 4087 PN 16 or PN 35 flanges.

Other flanges, sizes and pressure classifications can be accommodated when required.

The dismantling joint is sandwiched between adjoining flanges which provides full thrust restraint.

The unique Steel Mains compact dismantling joint features significantly reduced length requirements compared to traditional dismantling joints and offers reduced mass, simple installation / removal and angular misalignment tolerance.

Dismantling joints are commonly utilised in flanged pipelines to facilitate the removal of a valve for maintenance or replacement purposes.


Product categoryDismantling Joints
PA NumberPA 2056
Report holderSteel Mains Pty Ltd
BrandSteel Mains
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