This appraisal is for a range of DN 100 and DN 150 Fernco ICON pushfit couplings designed to seal on the internal surface of non-pressure sewerage or drainage pipes. This Issue 2 is to accommodate the Applicant’s advice that the Fernco brand is to be used for the ICON coupling range in lieu of Flexseal.

The coupling seals within a nominated range of internal pipe diameters regardless of the material or external surface condition of the pipe. The couplings are particularly advantageous where a pipe end is buried in concrete. Adapter couplings are also available.

The coupling consists of an ABS polymeric housing with integral EPDM seals and is quickly fitted by pushing the coupling into the internal diameter of the pipe. No tools are required and the coupling can be removed and reused if required.


Product categoryCouplings
PA NumberPA 2041
Report holderFernco Australia Pty Ltd
BrandFernco ICON
StandardWSA PS 250 Push-Fit Couplings, Internal, for Non-Pressure Applications
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