This Appraisal is for a range of polymeric coated ductile iron fittings manufactured to AS/NZS 2280:2020 Ductile iron pipes and fittings. The range is for traditional ductile iron fittings in sizes DN 80 to DN 750 with various socket, flange and spigot configurations. This Issue 2 is a replacement for the previous version of the appraisal which had reached its 5-year expiry date.

The traditional fittings have wall thicknesses complying with AS/NZS 2280:2020 Appendix H PN 35. Flanges on fittings may be PN 16 or PN 35.


Product categoryDI Fittings
PA NumberPA 1417 Issue 2
Report holderMallet Enterprises Pty Ltd
StandardAS/NZS 2280 Ductile iron pipes and fittings
Publication date
Expiry date

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