This appraisal considers ant and debris barriers for below ground spring hydrants.

It is common for a hydrant box cavity, where below ground spring hydrants are located, to completely fill with soil transported by ants, often within a period of weeks. Debris can also enter the cavity through the surface access cover.

In such cases access to the hydrant for fire-fighting or other operational requirements will be hindered or prevented. Ongoing and significant maintenance costs associated with monitoring and clearing the cavities is common for many Water Agencies. Delay or prevention of fire fighter access to the hydrant may result in avoidable property damage and possibly even loss of life. Accelerated corrosion of unprotected hydrants is another potential consequence.

Hydrant Services has developed an ant barrier to avoid soil from being transported into the hydrant cavity and a debris barrier to prevent ingress entering through the surface access cover.

An option to install an inner cover and lid, manufactured from nitrile rubber or polyethylene, is also available to provide a debris barrier, preventing entry of debris through the ground level access cover.


Product categoryAnt Barriers
PA NumberPA 2036
Report holderHydrant Services Pty Ltd
StandardHydrant Services ant and debris barriers are innovative products that are not covered by any specific Standard
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