This Appraisal is for Class A (fully structural) Nordiflow CIPP liners, Class B (semi structural with inherent ring stiffness) Nordiflow CIPP liners and Class C (semi-structural - relies on adhesion to the host pipe) Tubetex and Tubetex Combiliner CIPP liners.

The CIPP systems are suitable for rehabilitation of water pipeline materials including Ductile Iron, Steel, AC and reinforced concrete at operating pressures up PN16. Installation lengths may be up to 300m, depending on the pipe diameter.

Curing is affected by the application of steam or hot water.


Product categoryCIPP Liners for Drinking Water Pipes
PA NumberPA 2303
Report holderRTI Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd
StandardWSA 150:2021 Industry Standard for Cured-In-Place Pipes (CIPP) used for the Renovation of Drinking Water Pipes
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