This appraisal is for a range of PA Saddles designed to allow connection of DN 150 property service connection sewers into DN 300 to DN 600 structured and plain wall plastics pipes for non-pressure sewers.

The saddles are rated at 50kPa.

Installation of the saddle requires a 177mm diameter hole to be drilled into the host pipe at 900 to the axis of the pipe. The saddle is then inserted into the hole and four bolts are evenly tightened to secure the saddle on to the pipe and activate the sealing mechanism. The primary interaction between the seal and the pipe is at the internal edge of the cut face.

The socket outlet of the saddle accommodates the direct installation of a DN 150 (160mm OD) PVC-U DWV pipe. DN 150 pipes with alternative OD’s or DN 100 pipes may be installed using appropriate flexible couplings.


Product categorySaddles
PA NumberPA 2040
Report holderFernco Australia Pty Ltd
StandardWSA PS 251 - Saddles for Structured Wall and Plain Wall Non-Pressure Plastics Pipes - Sewerage
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