This Appraisal is for a Maestro DN 600 Class E ductile iron hinged solid top circular access cover and frame for utilisation in sewer systems.

This Issue 2 is a replacement for the previous version of the appraisal which reached its 5-year expiry date in June 2020.

The access covers are manufactured in conformance with AS 3996:2019 Access covers and grates.

The solid top access covers incorporate a ductile iron hinge system (captive or non-captive) with the cover secured to the frame by three flexible ductile iron locking bars (slam lock). The provision of an elastomeric seal located between the cover and frame provides a water and gas tight seal and also serves as an anti-rocking feature. The cover has a skid resistant raised pattern.

The keyhole provided on the cover complies with AS 3996 and is compatible with the industry standard key lifter.


Product categoryAccess Covers
PA NumberPA 1411 Issue 2
Report holderEJ Australia Pty Ltd
StandardAS 3996:2019 Access covers and grates.
Publication date
Expiry date

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