"How might we make better decisions for our core business and future growth by creating insights from internal and external data, that can be easily shared internally and with other industries?" is the theme for the third W-Lab Technology Showcase which will take place in July 2021.

The Showcase will feature six power webinars designed to give members a rapid understanding of new and innovative technologies that will empower them to achieve their goals of digital transformation, data-driven decision-making, and cross-organisational collaboration.  

Following the global Call to Market, the W-Lab team identified over 90 technologies that align with the Enterprise theme before conducting due diligence and engaging Subject Matter Experts to select the solutions that most closely match member’s needs, as outlined in W-Lab Technology Roadmap. The top six technologies have been carefully curated by our Enterprise Panel, consisting of W-Lab members, covering the four voices of intent, expertise, experience and design.

The Enterprise Showcase is open to all W-Lab members and will include virtual presentations, Q&A sessions, and structured discussions on the following technologies:

Monday (5/7/21): Water-Ing by IngeniousWare

Wednesday (7/7/21): SewerBall by Suez

Thursday (8/7/21): UnifAI Water Quality Sensing by UnifAI

Monday (12/7/21): Modla by Modla Technologies

Wednesday (14/7/21): Baseform Saas by Baseform

Thursday (15/7/21): Dynamic Pump Optimizer by Specific Energy


Please reach out to Victoria Allen if you are interested in participating in the event.

28 Jun 2021

Victoria Allen

Victoria Allen

Executive Assistant