Three novel technologies have progressed to the W-Lab Accelerate phase following the first Technology Showcase. The two main highlights of the Showcase were the launch of the Technology Roadmap and the executive-style Power-Hour.  

The launch of the Technology Roadmap, an industry first, was followed by a Power-Hour of 3-minute pitches from six technologies. The successful showcase event had 115 registrants from 30 different utilities, attending on an online platform.

After the Showcase, a Panel discussion was held with utilities to deliberate the benefits, challenges and ease of implementation of the technologies. Three technologies have progressed to the Accelerate phase where a business case is built for each in collaboration with the utilities interested in them.

The three technologies that have progressed to the Accelerate phase are:

1. Hydraloop - Hydraloop is a decentralised greywater recycling technology. This technology enables lesser water consumption by recycling and reduced volumes of wastewater to the treatment plant. Rather than a competitive opponent, Hydraloop’s business model helps in creating new market opportunities for Water Utilities to collaborate to achieve a shared goal of closing the loop on waste.

2. Bioforcetech - The Bioforcetech process transforms waste into value by generating renewable energy and upcycling organics into biochar. This technology closes the loop at every level by reducing the waste volume to landfills, improves energy efficiency and takes a huge carbon burden off of the industry. Bioforcetech recovers value from waste and creates opportunity for new markets in the biochar industry.

3. Sentry - Sentry is a bio-electrode sensor platform that provides real-time microbial metabolic activity and organic carbon consumption rate. It serves as a preventive approach that can provide feed-forward control and be used to monitor and optimise wastewater treatment processes. Sentry optimises the aeration process to improve energy efficiency and increases biogas generation efficiency.

If you would like to be involved in business case discussions please contact Yang Villa.

The next Showcase will be held from 16-18 March 2021 with a focus on opportunities through the lens of the ‘Nature’ innovation frame - “how might we find cost-effective alternative water supplies, manage stormwater and limit our extraction of freshwater from the natural environment?”


17 Dec 2020

Sandi Kolbe

Sandi Kolbe

Communications Manager