Our new innovation program W-Lab kicked off with the inaugural W-Lab Innovation Summit earlier this month. Held across three days, over a hundred industry leaders collaborated online to envision the water utility of the future and the spaces they’ll need to innovate in to reach that vision.

The program was facilitated using ThinkPlaces’ Airlabs program with presentations from industry experts and inspiring guest speakers, plenary discussions, virtual breakouts and speed networking. 

The next stage is to further develop and unveil the Technology Roadmap for the Australian and New Zealand Water Industry. We’re looking forward to working with WSAA’s Innovation Futures Network to create a community of innovative people and a culture that shares successes, embraces failure, and an industry that works collaboratively to leverage new technologies and the opportunities that unfold through our partnership with Isle Utilities and ThinkPlace. We can’t wait to see what the future looks like!

If your utility is yet to get involved or you’re keen to find out more, please get in touch with Victoria Allen (victoria.allen@wsaa.asn.au).



25 Jun 2020

Victoria Allen

Victoria Allen

Executive Assistant