WSAA is pleased to announce that a revised water industry standard WSA 137 for maintenance shafts, maintenance chambers and holes and a new WSA product specification (WSA PS 287) are now available for comment.

WSA PS 287 covers structural adhesive for joining a moulded PVC-U DWV fitting {Socket-Spigot adaptor (SWJ or RRJ)} to PE socket inlets, outlet or riser of a PE maintenance shaft, maintenance chamber or maintenance hole base units intended for non-pressure buried sewer applications.

Water Industry Standard:  WSA 137-2019 Issue 3.3

Title: Industry standard for Uplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE)  maintenance shafts, maintenance chambers and maintenance holes for sewerage

WSA PS No: WSA 287

Title: Structural Adhesive for joining PVC-U DWV fitting at the inlets and risers of the base units of PE maintenance shafts, maintenance chambers or maintenance holes intended for use in non-pressure buried applications - Sewerage

Issue 3.3 of DR WSA 137-2019 has been amended to include to provision for a Test requirements for PE to PVC joints using low surface energy acrylic structural adhesives are specified in WSA PS 287.

Have your say

As this is a new WSA Product Specification resulting in minor amendment to the previous version of WSA 137, we are giving you the opportunity to provide your feedback. The public consultation period is open now until the 3:00PM AEDT, Thursday 21 February 2024.

How do I view the public consultation draft?

A copy of the pre-publication draft of WSA 137:2019 Issue 3.3 and WSA PS 287, are attached, along with a comments form.

How do I make a submission?

Comments are welcome by manufacturers, supplies, designers, installers and asset owners, using the comments form and emailing by COB 21 February 2024.

What will happen next?

Once the public consultation period has concluded, the WSAA Project Team will consider the submissions received and amend the Standard as deemed appropriate.

It is envisaged that the WSA 137:2019 Issue 3.3, and new product specification WSA PS 287 will be finalised and ready for publication by the 31st March 2024. The third Edition, Version 3.3 of WSA 137:2019 will be published as an PDF and will be freely available via the WSAA shop. The new product Specifications will be included in Issue 7.7 of the WSAA Product Specifications expected around the same time.


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19 Dec 2023

Carl Radford

Carl Radford

Program Manager Asset Creation