All eyes in the water reuse world have been on Florida lately.

After a string of demonstration and pilot projects over recent years, legislation was passed to ban most surface water discharges, to protect the sensitive marine environments of the Florida Keys, which are home to many waterbirds and other species. 

There have been pilot and demonstration projects for purified recycled water for drinking across different cities already, such as PureALTA at Altamonte Springs, and Clearwater. Other places in Florida are also planning demonstration projects or visitor centres.

And OneWater Florida has created a great website with lots of great resources including a short video on why purified recycled water for drinking is an important part of their future. We can expect to see more cities joining the map of places adopting purified recycled water as part of their drinking water supply in the years ahead.

28 Jul 2021

Danielle Francis

Danielle Francis