Our W-Lab members have spoken, we’ve listened and we're delivering. The upcoming W-Lab Technology Showcase will explore the questions of "how might we explore new markets, create value from waste, and understand potential impacts of new products for customers, environment and business?"

The Showcase is designed to be inclusive of the entire W-Lab membership, which includes a diverse range of over 100 authorities across Australia and New Zealand. To meet these needs, the Showcase will focus on three innovation areas, namely core, adjacent, and transformational. This will enable all members to participate and see value in W-Lab regardless of where they are on their innovation journey.

Core technologies enable optimisation of existing processes. The technology outcomes that the showcased technologies will address include energy efficiency and decentralised greywater treatment. Adjacent technologies move into modernising practices, drawing on knowledge from adjacent industries whilst maintaining cost and practicality. The outcomes for this area include biogas generation efficiency and nutrient recovery. Transformational technologies are those looking to transform current practices, based on understanding future challenges and maintaining flexible strategies. Transformational technologies will yield good outcomes with regard to zero waste, becoming a biorefinery, hydrogen generation, and other energy products.

In preparation for the Showcase, W-Lab activated the global technology sector through a Call to Market for innovative technologies. Through this process,  over 120 technologies were identified, of which 15 were shortlisted and presented to an expert panel for review. Six technologies have now been selected for the Showcase and details will shortly be released to all W-Lab members.

Through the Showcase, W-Lab members will be able to collaboratively evaluate technologies and discuss potential trial opportunities. Ultimately members will be able to trial technologies with the view to use technology and innovation to meet a new water future by closing the loop whilst managing costs and exceeding customer expectations.

27 Oct 2020

Victoria Allen

Victoria Allen

Executive Assistant