WSAA is pleased to release two new reports that showcase how water utilities are helping customers and communities save water as well as utility efforts to reduce leakage in their own systems.

Water Efficient Australia

With drought part of Australia’s history and its future, water utilities are setting the benchmark for water efficiency knowledge and engagement worldwide. This report demonstrates some of the most innovative programs and products from using humour to advocate for change to smart meters and websites that provide leak and water use alerts. The report was produced jointly with Smart Approved WaterMark (which certifies water efficient products and services and provides advice to communities on saving water around the home, garden and business).

Download Water Efficient Australia.

Reducing Leakage in Australia

This report recognises the efforts of water utilities to reduce water lost through the system. This water accounts for about 10 per cent of the utilities’ system input across Australia. We know from research that customers want us to get the basics right by efficiently managing networks and minimising leaks and breaks. The report highlights some of the innovative work being done; from Kep the leak detection specialist dog in Western Australia to a smart water network in South Australia with over 400 sensors across Adelaide’s CBD.

Download Reducing Leakage in Australia.

3 May 2019

Laura Jaquest

Laura Jaquest

Communications Advisor