As many areas in Eastern Australia return to drought, the WSAA Liveable Communities Committee has moved to renew the Water Efficiency Network (WEN).

It will be led by Smart Approved WaterMark.  

The Network will take an active role, reviewing water efficiency materials and programs and looking for improvements and opportunities to create an effective and robust national water efficiency framework. 

The WEN is now looking to recruit representatives from across our membership to bring the network to life. 

We are extending the invitation to join the network to engineers, water efficiency experts, web and communications specialists, customer service experts, managers and passionate water efficiency advocates. It’s important the network comprises of a variety of people since water efficiency is related to all aspects of water businesses.

If you are interested in joining the network or would like to refer someone to us for a role on the network contact Chris Philpot at Smart Approved WaterMark on 02 9223 3322 or by Friday 16 November.

31 Oct 2018