There are two great examples of ‘all options’ planning now out for public exhibition, the NSW Central Coast Water Security Plan, and the Lower Hunter Water Security Plan.

Both plans are great examples of ‘all options’ planning, where all demand and supply options were considered in developing the portfolios, and there was great engagement with the community to assess their values and views.

Both plans propose a portfolio approach to maximise the use of existing supplies including dams, recycling and transfer schemes, but complement this with climate-resilient, rainfall-independent supplies into the future like desalination and purified recycled water for drinking.

This graph (p58) gave a great snapshot of the Central Coast community’s feedback on different options:

And this graph (p3) gave a similar snapshot of community views in the Hunter:

The plans are out on exhibition until 26 September (Hunter Water) and 28 September (Central Coast Council).

8 Sep 2021

Danielle Francis

Danielle Francis