We are pleased to release WSA 109:2021 Industry Standard for Flange Gaskets And O-Rings Version 3.1. It is now available to purchase from the WSAA Shop.

The third edition of this industry standard has undergone a comprehensive review. 

The major amendments are detailed below:

  • Material testing requirements that are contained within an alternative Standard have been removed from this document and appropriately referenced.
  • The Scope of this Standard has been revised and clarified.
  • Estimated tightening torques for flanged joints have been removed. Tightening torques rely on many variables and these recommendations are best left to manufacturers.
  • Sealability tests have been removed. Sealability type tests were completed by Tyco Water in 2003 to demonstrate suitability of the gasket materials specified within this Standard. In addition, the industry has now been successfully utilising materials specified in WSA 109 for more than 15 years. It is considered unnecessary and impractical for gasket material suppliers or gasket manufacturers to undertake ongoing performance tests for gasket materials already proven to be fit for purpose.
  • Gasket dimensions have been rationalised to specify the same dimensions regardless of the flange material. A dimensional analysis verified that the internal flange dimensions specified in this Standard do not intrude into the waterway of flanges commonly utilised in the Australian water industry.
  • The informative Appendix D includes additional and updated guidelines for flanged joint assembly.

This edition of the WSA 109 has been published as an eBook using a new online template, it may look different from previous versions. This edition also includes a printable PDF version, similar to other WSAA eBook Codes.

WSA 109 Industry Standard for Flange Gaskets And O-Rings, Version 3.1 can be purchased from the WSAA Shop.

WSAA Utility Members can access their complimentary copy of the Industry Standard from their My Products page.

WSAA Private Utility, Consultant, and Stakeholder customers receive a 50% discount on the WSAA Shop. 


Changes to the WSAA Shop
Our Industry Standards have previously been made available to the wider industry for free. To keep maintaining and improving our products and services for the water industry we now need to charge a minimal fee for new editions. The fee for WSA 109:2021 reflects the cost of producing and updating this important document, and will allow us to keep delivering the best quality Codes and Standards to you.

29 Jun 2021

Carl Radford

Carl Radford

Program Manager Asset Creation