The WSAA team has been reviewing the way we deliver our Codes and Standards Program and the products we sell to the industry through the WSAA Shop.

We’re doing this to ensure we can keep delivering the best quality Codes and Standards to our members and the broader water industry. These changes will also allow us to keep improving the products and services we offer to you.

This means we will be introducing new pricing to some of our products that have previously been made available for free. The fees we charge will be minimal and will reflect the costs of producing and updating these important documents.

The first of these publications is the new Industry Standard for Flange Gaskets and O-Rings (WSA-109:2021) which will soon be available to purchase from the WSAA Shop for $67.50 (inc GST).

Importantly, our Codes and Standards will remain free for WSAA Utility and Private Utility Members and are available to download from your My Products page. Our Consultant and Stakeholder Members also retain their 50% discount on the WSAA Shop, and any products purchased by you are made available to your colleagues when they have an account on the WSAA community site.  

24 Jun 2021

Laura Jaquest

Laura Jaquest

Communications Advisor