The objective of this Standard is to provide design, manufacturing and performance requirements for manufacturers of ISO end suction centrifugal motor pumps. This Standard specifies the design, manufacture, inspection and testing, packaging, transportation and delivery of bare shaft ISO end suction centrifugal pumps to be direct coupled to the driver. The Standard is intended to apply to pumps that:

  • incorporate suction and discharge flange sizes up to and including DN 200 and DN 150 respectively, and conform to the designation, nominal duty points and dimensions of ISO 2858;
  • will be used for pumping standard or corrosive waters in accordance with Table 2.1.

NOTE: Reference should be made to the requirements of Clause 2.3 for pumps that are required to handle highly corrosive water or chemicals. For larger flange sizes the designation, duty points and dimensions should be to the Manufacturer’s standard; however, the pump design shall comply with the technical requirements of this Standard. The Standard also details the means by which compliance with the Standard shall be demonstrated and the criteria for acceptance of product.

NOTE: For bare shat ISO end suction centrifugal pumps the reader should refer to WSA 130. This standard may be used for supply of multiple pumps. Reference to the Asset Owner shall be understood to refer to the Asset Owner representative or project manager.

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WSA 131
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