The ISO 55001 Implementation Guidelines are intended for use by water industry asset management practitioners to establish and implement the requirements of an Asset Management System prescribed in the International Standard ISO 55001: 2014.

The guidelines have been specifically formulated for water and/or sewerage infrastructure agencies and for the range of business size, asset diversity and regulation/legislation applicable to WSAA members.

The guidelines:

  • Explain the context of ISO 55001 and the relevance of an asset management system.
  • Provide an outline of the sequential approach to implementation of ISO 55001, drawing from the experience of water agencies that have sought or are seeking certification.
  • Assist water agencies prepare for a certification audit under ISO 55001.
  • Explain each requirement of ISO 55001 and suggest generic and urban water industry-specific evidence requirements or ‘artefacts’ that can be used to support the seeking of compliance with or certification to ISO 55001.
  • Align the requirements of ISO 55001 with WSAA’s Aquamark (v3) asset management framework.

The guidelines do not seek to replicate the information provided in the ISO series, and the reader is referred to the information in ISO 55000.

For other useful resources on ISO 55000 please visit the ISO Technical Committee for Asset Management Systems website.

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