Sub-metering allows for separate billing of customers on a ‘user pays’ basis and avoids some customers subsidising other customers located in the same development or complex.

The Sub-Metering Code of Practice is the first of a series of codes addressing metering that underpin the implementation of the National Framework for Urban Water Metering and ensure a nationally consistent approach to the key areas of responsibility for urban water metering. While the National Framework defines why the urban water industry should meter the supply and consumption of water, the Codes of Practice define what needs to be addressed in each of the key urban water areas of responsibility.

The Code has been developed for implementation and use by water service providers for sub-metering of drinking and non-drinking water supplies within their jurisdiction. The method of how each code is applied in practice is determined by the policies and processes of individual water service providers. Whilst the framework and associated Codes of Practice are voluntary, the adoption is strongly encouraged to facilitate consistency of urban water metering practices in Australia.

This Code may also be adopted by third parties such as facility managers, Owners Corporations or building management companies for the purpose of design and application of sub-metering to cold drinking and non-drinking water systems, which are outside the jurisdiction of water service providers. Available as PDF ONLY, Hard Copy not available.

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