Version 3.2, which replaces Version 3.1, continues to improve and refine the Code. Minor editorial errata have been addressed.

Significant changes include amendment to:

  • The default methodology for estimating design sewage flow as detailed in Appendix C which now include the determination of the “peaking factor” d from a development’s estimated EP.          
  • Parts 0 and 1, using the using annual exceedance probability (AEP) in lieu of average recurrence interval (ARI) to determine rainfall dependant infiltration (RDI)
  • The pipe sizing and grading calculator.

A detailed summary of the amendments incorporated into this Version refer to WSA 02:2014 Amd 1:2022.

This revised edition addresses the planning, design and construction of sewerage infrastructure, and incorporates much of the additional material published by utilities that have adopted the Code. It has been simplified to two parts that address planning and design and construction, testing and commissioning of trunk, branch, reticulation and property connection sewers up to and including DN 1200. Standard drawings have been replaced by figures throughout the Code to demonstrate design and/or construction principles that need to be incorporated in a set of project -specific design drawings. It replaces Version 2.3 of the 2nd edition that was published in 2004. The Code comprising over 365 pages, 33 tables, over 80 figures and links to references that provide the utility, designer and constructor guidance in providing cost-effective, sustainable sewerage services to the Australian community and its commercial and industrial enterprises. The download also contains a print version of this Code.

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