Product Specifications have been developed to:

  • facilitate appraisal of products
  • serve as a reference in contract technical documentation such as Project Specifications and Design Drawings, and
  • facilitate procurement of approved products and materials by contractors/developers for use in construction of water and sewerage networks.

There are over 100 individual Product Specifications for strategic products used in the construction of water and wastewater infrastructure. More are still required to address all the products used. It is an ongoing challenge, especially where no product standards exist.

Product Specifications need some work by the specifier before they can be applied. Options have to be closed out and specific Agency requirements included. An example of a project specific Product Specification is included with the Overview to the Product Specifications.

Product Specifications will continue to be developed as more Industry Standards and Australian Standards are published.

In some cases more than one Specification is provided for a particular product. This may be the case where there are functionally equivalent products having significant manufacturing differences e.g. one Specification may apply to a product manufactured locally to an Australian Standard and the alternative Specification may apply to an imported product manufactured to an internationally recognised standard e.g. an EN Standard.

It is an individual Water Agency's or designer’s responsibility to choose a Specification most appropriate to its needs or a particular project. Consequently, a Water Agency or designer may provide a unique product Specification or may choose to amend a Specification to reflect project specific or local requirements.

A complete document history of the amendments for WSAA Product Specification Version 7.4 can be found here.


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