The Sydney Water Edition 2014 of the Water Supply Code of Australia, WSA 03—2011 Version 3.1, includes the specific requirements of Sydney Water. It includes 13 Sydney Water Appendices that address, inter alia, Dual Water Reticulation Systems and Under Pressure Cut-In Connections, including drawings. The 2014 Edition incorporates errata that was published on 26 April 2013 and amendments to reflect Sydney Water’s recent change from previous requirements about valve anchorage. Sydney Water has prepared a new Water System Planning Guideline to replace most of the previous System Planning Section in the Sydney Water Edition 2012 of the Water Supply Code of Australia WSA 03—2011-3.1 and has re-located other clauses to relevant Sections of the new Edition. The new Water System Planning Guideline document provides guidance in the planning of water and recycled water systems according to Sydney Water’s obligations under its Act, Operating Licence and Customer Contract. Updates to the Sydney Water edition are advised by Sydney Water through their asset creation management process.

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