This discussion paper outlines the key opportunities for a renewed NWI and aims to stimulate and encourage discussion and engagement between key stakeholders.

The renewal of the National Water Initiative (NWI) is a significant opportunity and is strongly supported by water utilities across the country. We know Australian communities want prosperity, jobs, action on climate change, and liveable cities. A new NWI, with an increased focus on water for healthy communities, will be critical to meeting these goals. 

We know the NWI can help galvanise progress and meet evolving community expectations as well as remove roadblocks, and help the urban water industry deliver products and services that address population growth and climate change.

Key to ensuring a renewed NWI is successful is engagement from State and Territory Governments, water utilities, regulators and other key stakeholders. While urban water is constitutionally a state responsibility, Australia’s prosperity and competitiveness faces significant challenges from climate change and liveability. For that reason, there is no doubt that all water - whether for residential, industrial, agricultural or mining – requires strong national leadership through a renewed NWI.


AuthorWater Services Association of Australia
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