In November, WSAA's Young Utilities leaders had the opportunity to join our WSAA Members Meeting in Adelaide, and meet with industry leaders for Australia and New Zealand. This was a valuable experience for all and our Young Utilities Leaders have reflected on their experience.

From Anthea Fernando, Redland City Council

Attending the recent WSAA Members meeting was a unique and enlightening experience which provided a firsthand view into the strategic discussions shaping the industry's future. It was inspiring to witness the collegiate and collaborative atmosphere between key decision makers, particularly in the face of extraordinary and complex challenges presently facing the sector.

From Emily Hill, Hunter Water

Getting a look into the black box of executive and board decisions has been enlightening, and truly fosters curiosity and empathy to recognise the people behind the fancy titles. To really see the challenges we’re all facing can be intimidating, but it is inspiring in equal measure to see all the solutions and parallels within our industry and to be connected to each other through WSAA.

From Rex Ho, South East Water

A great range of high-interest and high-value topics were covered at the WSAA Members meeting. It provided myself and the other young utility leaders an invaluable insight into just a few of the issues facing our sector. It was also great to get an appreciation of where the decisions are made that guide the direction of our organisations, and participate in collaborative, outcome-based, and consensus-driven discussions with industry leaders.  

From Natalia Quinn, Yarra Valley Water

Attending the WSAA Members meeting was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my career to date. It was an incredibly unique opportunity to be invited into the room with so many of the Nation’s water utility leaders. We were welcomed with open arms to network and join the conversation on issues facing our industry with those at the highest level. As a young professional it’s rare to get a seat at the table like this.

I left feeling energised and inspired and I’m still blown away by the value the WSAA Young Utility Leaders Program has offered Emily, Rex, Anthea and I so far. The growing friendship and bond from this experience between the four of us is an added bonus – and we got a taste of the relationships to come with the team at WSAA and those in the broader industry too.

Thanks to the team at WSAA, I can’t wait for what’s to come as we continue through the program.


21 Nov 2023

Rose Nguyen

Rose Nguyen

Communications Advisor