Thanks to the 325 of you that responded to our recent WSAA members survey. We are using the responses to the survey to inform the development of the new 5-year WSAA strategy.

Key outcomes from the survey include:

  • WSAA continues to deliver value to our members with 97% of executives of WSAA members say working with WSAA is valuable and 94% of all WSAA member individuals say working with WSAA is valuable.
  • Collaboration between members was ranked highest for the value WSAA delivers to members.
  • WSAA members identified priority strategic areas including: responding to and preparing for climate change, water security, ageing assets, workforce capability and capacity, including skills and training, and transitioning to a circular economy.
  • WSAA’s advocacy role is highly valued by members, with our responsive advocacy on emerging issues facing the sector and our contribution to national, state and local water policies, strategies and plans most valued.

We look forward to continuing to engage with WSAA members as we develop the new WSAA strategy.

16 Nov 2023

Erin Cini

Erin Cini

Director Strategy and Partnerships