WSAA and Bioenergy Australia are developing a strong strategic partnership, signing a third letter of support in the last six months on the soon to be released Bioenergy Roadmap from ARENA. Yarra Valley Water has also signed.

Bioenergy, including that produced by water utilities such as biomethane and hydrogen, has the potential to be a $10bn industry in Australia and employing over 28,000 full time jobs by 2030, eclipsing the national oil and gas sector.

In addition, bioenergy helps support the circular economy, another key policy platform for the water industry, with modelling in the Roadmap demonstrating:

  • A 10% reduction in national emissions by 2030
  • An 11% reduction in landfill waste by 2030 with the adoption of bioenergy

The letter calls for the Federal Government to elevate bioenergy within the Technology Investment Roadmap, including biomethane for grid injection, a key technology for the water industry, as well as to develop a $200m Bioenergy Fund, to signal confidence and kick-start further growth in the industry.

29 Mar 2021

Elliot Stuart

Elliot Stuart

Liveable Communities Advisor