WRAP is an online database of reputable Australian urban water research. In Australia, substantial investment has been made into urban water research however accessing this growing bank of information and knowledge remains a challenge as it is spread across many websites, organisations and libraries.  

The key aim of WRAP is therefore to make reputable Australian urban water research readily accessible to the water industry. It does this primarily via a search functionality built on themes of national importance. WRAP also has the ability to store research, ensuring there is no loss of knowledge from the sector.  

WRAP is:

  • Wide-reaching: all the main sources of urban water research 
  • Reputable: only credible content from respected organisations
  • Accessible and searchable: single gateway to resources, searchable by keywords and themes  
  • Precise: more relevant search results than Google.

Read more about WRAP.

Explore WRAP at www.waterportal.com.au.

WRAP is a collaborative effort by a number of Australian research centres, government agencies, water utilities and industry, and is hosted and managed by the Water Services Association of Australia.

10 Nov 2015

Gayathri Jasper

Gayathri Jasper

Liveability Program Advisor