Technology and innovation remain at the forefront of South East Water’s operations. Lucia Cade, Chair of South East Water spoke to us about how innovation is good for everyone - customers, employees and the business. 

We spoke to Lucia  at the WSAA Water Utility Chairs and MDs Symposium (Sydney, 7 August 2018). The Symposium brought together WSAA member Chairs and MDs to discuss water's contribution to liveable communities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, customer centricity, strategic challenges, emerging governance issues and global trends.

Look, the thing about innovation is that it becomes a way of doing business. There is more risk in not innovating than there is risk in innovating. So we are constantly striving to improve the way that we run our business. We're constantly striving to improve the way that we deliver services to our customers, and it's about creating value for them and value for the business because value for the business is value for the customers in our world. They are in our business. We've got some sayings at South East Water which I really love about innovation, and one is that there is no good idea that goes unfunded, so the good ideas come from anywhere. We have so many golden egg-laying geese in the business and it doesn't matter whether it's technology or service, or for customers or for assets. So that's one of our sayings, and the other saying, and this leads to partnerships, is that the more conversations that you have with more people the more ideas bump into each other and you come up with a great solution. So they're our two philosophies, our key driving philosophies for innovation in our business and the purpose is for creating value for customers and for the business, and then we will have a great organization where people want to work, and they want to come, and they want to stay, and working at South East Water will be something that is really good for their CV.

30 May 2019

Laura Jaquest

Laura Jaquest

Communications Advisor