Negotiations between the water industry and wipes manufacturers to develop an international standard for products suitable for toilet flushing commenced in 2014. However, these efforts within the International Standards Organisation (ISO) process were unsuccessful, with negotiations failing in late 2016.

In the absence of a cross-sector definition of flushability, a group of international wastewater experts have developed a draft Publically Available Standard (PAS) that aligns key aspects of the international standard process to date. To enable publication of the PAS the group of experts have recently formed the International Water Service Flushability Group (IWSFG). The IWSFG will release the PAS for public comment in the next week. Comments will be sought internationally from all sectors and groups, for a period of six weeks. All comments will be reviewed and addressed in a manner similar to the ISO process.

All WSAA members are invited to visit the IWSFG website where they can download and respond to the proposed PAS via the process detailed on the site. As a foundation member of the IWSFG, WSAA is directly involved in representing the Australian water industry in developing and finalising the PAS.

14 Jun 2017

Greg Ryan

Greg Ryan

Director Business Excellence