In these unprecedented and challenging times many in our industry have been able to work from home. But for many of you, you are part of a critical network of workers heading out each day 24/7.

You’re out there on our streets repairing breaks, at water and wastewater treatment plants, call centres and labs ensuring that our water keeps flowing and our toilets flushing. 

The significance of what you do is highlighted even more now, when it’s so important that we all practice good hygiene like washing our hands.

For essential services workers like you, work has to continue for the wellbeing of our communities. Providing safe drinking water and sanitation services is an essential service. It protects the health of our communities, the environment and provides water for fire-fighting, health services and other essential uses. So, your role is essential to maintain the lifeblood of society.

Many of our members are highlighting the great work their essential workers are doing on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We have been so excited to see so many supportive, heart-warming and funny comments from your customers.  

Images from: SA Water, Urban Utilities, Sydney Water, Unitywater and Hunter Water

From the bottom of our hearts, the team at WSAA (and their gorgeous families!) would like to thank all the water industry’s workers. We appreciate the work you are doing and we’re here to support you.


Images from: WSAA staff and their families. 

21 Apr 2020

Laura Jaquest

Laura Jaquest

Communications Advisor