“The industry is pleased to see the reports continue building momentum across the Federal and State governments for a new National Water Initiative”, said Mr Adam Lovell, Executive Director, WSAA. 

“The urban water industry has argued that a new National Water Initiative is needed to assist the urban water industry deliver water security and healthy, liveable communities for its customers, in the face of challenges including population growth and climate change”, said Mr Lovell.

“We are pleased to see the recognition of effort in collaboration, coordination and information sharing by the Commonwealth, states and territories.

“With the Productivity Commission currently reviewing water reform, we look forward to further engagement between the National Water Reform Committee and urban water utilities across Australia in identifying potential actions including the development of a new National Water Initiative”, said Mr Lovell.

WSAA agrees that the urban water industry in Australia continues to make progress in ensuring the future of safe, affordable and reliable urban water services for all Australians. The industry is highly trusted by the community and has a strong track record of providing high quality services to ensure Australians have liveable and productive places to live. Notwithstanding the success of the industry, there are important areas where the removal of roadblocks at a national level would support the industry as it seeks to deliver better outcomes for customers.

27 Nov 2020

Sandi Kolbe

Sandi Kolbe

Communications Manager