In November last year we released a Health and Safety Priority Program for the water industry to achieve a step-change in the industry’s health and safety performance.

We're so pleased to see the deliverables - a maturity model, self assessment tool, how-to guide and water industry mental health framework -  being integrated into our members' health and safety strategies, planning activities and processes.

Developing mentally healthy workplaces has long been a focus for WSAA, but COVID-19 has brought a renewed commitment. We will be progressing work under focus areas including flexible work design, measuring productivity, leadership capability, research and a review of the Mental Health Framework in light of the COVID-19 impacts. We will be looking to produce the following key deliverables:

  • A compendium of case studies to complement the existing Mental Health Framework
  • An initial framework to measure ‘’People Productivity’’ and reporting of key metrics
  • Establishing a mechanism to foster collaboration on mental health research
  • Initiatives to help the industry better understand and leverage the Mental Health Framework.

If you would like to know more contact Peter Gee.

29 Jul 2020

Peter Gee

Peter Gee

Manager Performance Improvement