The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) recently coordinated a workshop on purified recycled water and a tour day at the Quakers Hill Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre of Sydney Water which will be open to the public next year.

The workshop and tour attracted more than 40 participants from 25 water utilities across Australia and New Zealand. In the workshop, attendees spent time exploring that status of purified recycled water as part of diversifying water supplies and discussed the key steps and engagement required.   

The Purified Recycled Water Discovery Centre is the first of is kind in New South Wales and will provide the community with the opportunity to see how purified recycled water technology works.  In recent years prolonged dry weather, drought conditions and intense rainfall have shown how quickly water supplies can deplete and replenish. Purified recycled water is a rainfall-independent option, like desalination, and can complement traditional sources like rivers, dams, and groundwater. It is already used around with the world with 35 cities/towns like Perth, Singapore, Cape Town, and US cities adopting it as part of their drinking water supply.

21 Nov 2023

Rose Nguyen

Rose Nguyen

Communications Advisor