We hope you can join us at Ozwater for a workshop facilitated by WSAA on Industry collaboration to increase innovation for pipe rehabilitation.

Research shows that our customers want us to be efficient and plan for the future. To do this we need to innovate, adapt to change and create new partnerships that lead to cost effective solutions. Aging pipes offer us this opportunity! With enough kilometres of pipe to circle the earth six times, new and innovative solutions are needed for future pipe renewals and replacements. At this interactive workshop, we are looking for representatives from across the entire spectrum of the water industry, where you will have the opportunity to provide your ideas and contribute to the collaborative effort needed in this space to challenge the status quo.

Australia has in excess of 140,000 km of sewer mains and 190,000 km of water mains. Costs to replace pipes are increasing rapidly, and typically range from $400/m (small pipes, rural) to $4000/m (large pipes, urban). Additionally, customers and communities are concerned about asbestos cement pipes, traffic management and general disruption to their lives during renewal activities.

New pipe rehabilitation technologies and coatings offer the opportunity to defer asset replacement/rehabilitation and reduce costs significantly. However, the adoption of new technologies for pipeline rehabilitation and concrete asset protection has been limited in Australia for a number of reasons. Utilities and service providers need scientific evidence and return on investment – both of which can be achieved through innovation.  With procurement strategies evolving there are opportunities for new partnerships, new funding options, fit for purpose solutions that in the end benefit the customer.

While there has been some progress, including the $24 million CRC-P pipe linings initiative (which includes Federal Government funding) currently in progress, there is still more to be done in improving the understanding of liner products and getting them adopted into the Australian market more efficiently.

This workshop will include an overview of current work on pipeline rehabilitation and the CRC-P project, which includes some 30 participants from manufacturers, applicators, water utilities, researchers and NGO’s. We will also cover the challenges to embracing new products and the potential solutions. Perspectives from water utilities and service providers will be heard and tables will workshop what needs to change to increase the introduction and uptake of new and innovative solutions into the Australian market.

Workshop outcomes will input into the forward work program for the Water Services Association of Australia. Join us to explore the next steps in forging new partnerships to create pipe renewal solutions that are innovative, low cost and backed by scientific evidence.

Panelists will include James Goode (WSAA), Dammika Vitanage (Sydney Water), Duncan Sinclair (South East Water) and Chris Frangos (ASTT).

The workshop will be held on Tuesday 7 May from 4.00-5:30 pm. 

Ozwater'19 will be held in Melbourne from the 7-9 May 2019. For more information visit the Ozwater website.

26 Mar 2019

James Goode

James Goode

Asset Management Program Coordinator