The annual WateReuse Symposium in the US, run by the WateReuse Association, is the pre-eminent global water recycling conference each year.

It covers different types of recycling but in particular, it is the world leader to learn about the global practice of purified recycled water. The 39th Symposium will be held on 11-14 March 2024 in Denver, Colorado, USA. The theme is Removing Barriers, Elevating Opportunities. 

Given the increasing interest in purified recycled water in Australia/New Zealand, a WSAA representative (Danielle Francis) will attend the Symposium, and arrange some site visits to other key US schemes. The group program is open to water utility staff, regulators, and anyone interested in water recycling.


The Symposium is a 4-day event on Monday 11 March to Thurs 14 March, featuring:

  • A Water Regulators closed-door workshop on Day 1 – regulators from around the world are welcome to this session to share knowledge,experience and networking
  • A wealth of panel sessions, technical and social workshops covering a wide range of topics
  • Networking events – chances to meet the key global contacts for water reuse, including international experts and enthusiasts
  • The 2024 program won’t be available til November but to get a sense of the usual style see the 2023 program  

Locations and site visits 

The group’s program is expected to include:

  • Arrival in Denver, Colorado, in time for the Symposium start on Monday 11 March 2024
  • Symposium Monday 11 – Thursday 14 March (the Symposium program includes a visit of the Pure Water Colorado mobile Direct Potable Reuse demonstration trailer)
  • Friday 15 March – Friday 22 March: 3+ site visits
    • Precise locations will include a mix of mature and new locations, with different treatment trains and contexts, plus different visitor experiences
    • Options under consideration are Aurora/Prairie Waters (Colorado), Orange County Water District (California), San Diego (California), El Paso Texas, Los Angeles (California), Water Replenishment District of Southern California.
    • Sites will be selected over the coming months and are subject to availability, suitability and travel logistics.
  • End in Los Angeles approx. Sat 23 March 2024.

Would you like to present at the Symposium?

Attendees from any country may submit an abstract to present at the Symposium. These are due on 14 September 2023. To submit an abstract


The Symposium will offer in person attendance only. (Sometimes some pre-recorded selected sessions are offered later, but the only way to see all the content is to attend in person). 

Symposium attendance prices will be announced soon, the planned costs for full attendance are likely to be between $850 - $1400 USD, depending on whether you are a member and when you register. There will be an Early bird discount available between September 20 – October 11. 

Participants will need to cover all costs including Symposium registration, international and domestic travel, accommodation and other expenses.


WSAA will arrange dates and locations for side trips, the WSAA representative’s intended flights/other modes of transport, how to register for the Symposium, and some other details.

  • Participants are not obligated to travel together but for convenience, WSAA will seek to coordinate some of the local travel to site visits.
  • Participants are to make their own bookings, and are free to opt in or out of specific site visits as suits their needs.
  • If participants wish to organise different site visits, WSAA may be able to assist with initial introductions.

Who can attend

  • Water utility staff, contractors, operators, associated professionals from any field (technical, scientific, operations, engagement)
  • Water regulators or policy-makers
  • Other interested parties
  • There is no need to be a member of WSAA to join the group
  • WSAA is notifying its members in Australia and New Zealand, along with regulators and government departments. You are welcome to forward this on to parties who may be interested.

Next steps – please signal initial interest by 25 September 2023

If you are interested, please notify Danielle Francis on the details below by Monday 25 September. Following a preliminary gauge of interest, further details will be developed and shared. While there is no formal cut-off date, please keep in touch to help with planning and numbers. If you would like to discuss this program, please email

14 Sep 2023

Danielle Francis

Danielle Francis