To accelerate the implementation of digital asset management by water businesses nationally, we recently formed the Digital Asset Taskforce.

The Taskforce has started by developing the foundation of a digital asset strategy and is looking at options to achieve consistency in data definitions and standards for the industry.

Implementing an effective digital asset strategy is seen as a key starting point for effective implementation of digital approaches to asset management, starting from engaging with the executive team and formulating a business wide approach to implementation. The Taskforce has evaluated options for developing a digital strategy and were unanimous in their support for the Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS) as a valuable playbook for the development and implementation of a digital strategy for the water industry. WSAA would recommend any utility embarking on their digital asset journey to read this document. 

Data and data classification for assets are essential to share data easily within water businesses and external organisations. To assist in this area the Taskforce is looking to work with Uniclass, who manage an international approach to data classification at a high level. The group also saw value in working with an Australia specification, funded out of Victoria called the Virtual Buildings Information System (VBIS). More detailed than Uniclass, but it readily integrates with the classification scheme and has been trialled with water and other infrastructure sectors. Both systems are relatively mature and we are seeking to ensure greater usability for water businesses.

For more information contact Kristy Drzewucki.

25 Aug 2020

Kristy Drzewucki

Kristy Drzewucki

Asset Program Advisor