WSAA is pleased to announce the publication of the revised water industry standard WSA 137:2019 Issue 3.2

Water Industry Standard:  WSA 137:2019 Issue 3.2

Title: Water Industry Standard for Maintenance Shafts, Chambers and Holes for Sewerage

Issue 3.2 of WSA 137:2019 has been amended to include:

  • General updates to references and other editorial amendments.
  • Correction to clause numbering in the document and in Appendix A
  • Reference to a new document WSA TN 13 to assist with the development of hydraulic test plan requirement where the alternative base MH may be considered by the purchaser.

You can access the latest version of WSA 137:2019 Version 3.2 from the WSAA Shop:Water Industry Standards 

For further information refer to WSA 137:2019 Amd 2:2023 located in the WSAA Shop: Errata Notes and Amendments   

18 May 2023

Rose Nguyen

Rose Nguyen

Communications Advisor