WSAA is pleased to announce the publication of revised water industry standard WSA 137-2018 Issue 2.

Water Industry Standard:  WSA 137-2018 Issue 2

Title: Water Industry Standard for Maintenance Shafts and Chambers for Sewerage

Issue 2 of WSA 137-2018 has been amended to include:

  1. revised definitions of Maintenance shafts and Maintenance Chambers to reflect the product now available in the market;
  2. additional infiltration and exfiltration tests for inlet connectors into the riser.
  3. conformity assessment requirements Amendments to Appendix A, A4 Product Certification.
  4. General updates to references and other editorial amendments. 

Download WSA 137-2018 Issue 2.

8 Jun 2018

Carl Radford

Carl Radford

Program Manager Asset Creation