The report, produced by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), Hydrology And Risk Consulting (HARC) with contributions from water utilities, presents an updated approach towards urban water management, aiming to ensure equitable access to water for all.

The report acknowledges the increasingly pressing need to manage our water resources more judiciously amidst growing uncertainties such as climate change, population growth, and urbanisation. It introduces a comprehensive framework for urban water resources planning, highlighting the importance of adopting good practice principles. These principles are not just about balancing supply and demand but also ensuring that water planning is integrated, resilient, and adaptable to future changes. By doing so, the framework aims to maintain a minimum level of service that supports life and essential services while also catering to broader community objectives for liveability, sustainability, thriving comunities and value for money.

One of the report's key messages is the significance of viewing water as a shared resource that requires cooperative management strategies. This perspective encourages communities to work together to protect and conserve water, thereby reducing conflicts over water use and enhancing social harmony. The framework advocates for a holistic approach to water management, which includes considering all possible water sources, whether for drinking or other fit-for-purpose uses, and employing them in the most efficient and sustainable manner.

Key to achieving the objectives of water resource planning is the need for continuous engagement with all stakeholders, including governments, water service providers, and the community, to ensure alignment with local needs and aspirations. By doing so, it hopes to foster a sense of ownership and collective responsibility towards water conservation and management.

The Urban Water Resources Planning Framework is not just a guideline for professionals in the water sector but a call to action for everyone to reflect on the importance and value of water. It encourages communities to adopt innovative practices and technologies to enhance water security and resilience against the backdrop of an uncertain future.


AuthorWater Services Association of Australia
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