The Urban water industry Research, Development and Innovation Strategy provides an integrated approach to RD&I. Considering all aspects through an ecosystem framework, the strategy it is designed to streamline and enhance the delivery and uptake of RD&I offerings for the sector and position the sector well for the future.  

The RD&I strategy outlines the approach to driving the RD&I ecosystem and builds on the national research priorities agenda. It is a core component of WSAA's national strategic program for the sector. This paper outlines the key elements for the RD&I Ecosystem and the 5-year implementation plan for coordination and collaboration in RD&I across the water sector.

The RD&I ecosystem framework consists of 7 elements:

  • Leadership to drive an RD&I culture.
  • Knowledge to find what’s gone before and what’s happening now.
  • Opportunities to bring ideas, people and technology together.
  • Collaboration to work more easily with others and get better results.
  • Pathways to explain clearly what happens next.
  • Application to provide guidance on implementation.
  • Communications and engagement to create awareness and drive participation.


AuthorWater Services Association of Australia
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